The Aligned Living 10 Week Group Coaching Program

Join David for this Life Changing Experience

July 2nd through September 3rd.

Thursdays from 5:30 - 6:30 pm PST (8:30 - 9:30 pm EST) on Zoom.  

You will develop the ability to access and live in The Aligned Living Flow State. From this state of consciousness everything changes:

-We become more aware of what our purpose is and what we truly desire in life. 

-We feel more stable, confident, and fulfilled. 

-The influence we have on our surroundings magnifies.

-We are able to show up in our power regardless of the circumstances.

-We next level in all areas of our lives.

As a BONUS you will also receive the Aligned Living Video Course  which you can start right away!

Please join in and allow us to support you in showing up fully in your life.

See you soon,


P.S. Can't always make it at that time? No worries -While it is important to be there live as much as possible, each video will be posted so you can always catch up on what you missed.

Hear Adam, Sadie, and Dr. Allen describe what has changed in their lives just 7 weeks into the program.


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